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Precinct Omega Studios price increase imminent

Precinct Omega Studios will soon be raising the prices on their painting services. From their announcement:
With effect from 18 July 2011, Precinct Omega Studios will be raising their prices for commission miniatures painting. These rises will apply to only some categories of miniature and some quality levels, particularly to Level 1 (tabletop) quality and are intended to enable us to continue paying our painters at a rate at least equivalent to the National Minimum Wage. For the same reason, we have reviewed our volume discount policy and, whilst a volume discount will continue to apply to most projects, this will be reduced to a typical level of 5%-10%, with the full 25% discount applying only to the very largest projects. However, all of our quotes are still valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue. So if you're thinking about commissioning Precinct Omega Studios to paint your army, now is the time to get in touch. Any quotes issued before 18 July will be based on our current prices and still valid until July 2012. Finally, although no decision has yet been made, we are currently reviewing our Repeat Customer Discount policy. Anyone will a full discount is guaranteed that it will continue, even if the qualifying criteria change in the future, so get Precinct Omega Studios to paint your project sooner rather than later and you could be enjoying privileged savings for years to come.