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Precinct Omega pricing changes

Precinct Omega have changed some of their pricing policies. From their announcement:
Thanks to the input of our new business manager, Precinct Omega is reviewing some of its discounting policies and procedures to see where we can afford to perhaps be more generous and, indeed, where we will have to be a little less open-handed if we are to continue making money. We’re going to begin by removing the £5.00 discount to all prices offered on projects collected in person. We included this to encourage opportunities to meet and chat with clients approximately local to us and it has been great to get to put faces to names in the few cases of people who took up this offer. However, our office is based in our home and, as we have just become foster carers, it isn’t feasible to continue receiving clients at home. However, as all Precinct Omega Studios quotes are valid for up to 12 months, quotes issued before 22 July that that explicitly offer this discount will continue to be honoured.