Pre-World Cup Box Set Sale at Victrix Limited

Victrix is running a sale over on their website in preparation for the impending World Cup.

Victrix Sale


From the announcement:

I am sure most of you are aware that June 12th marks the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil.

A time of cheers, tears, heavy drinking and gritting your teeth and punching your fist into the air in an expression of good natured nationalistic aggression as your team misses by a fraction of an inch!

At Victrix the World Cup is a game of two halves! Exciting to watch but usually terrible for online sales! People who should be locked in darkened rooms painting plastic figures find themselves stepping into the light and then straight back into a darkened pub to drink beer and watch footy for weeks!

So in an effort to generate enough sales to compensate for the online retail Armageddon that is approaching, we are offering you a 25% discount on all Victrix plastic boxed sets and bases (not including the brand new Greek Peltasts and unarmoured Hoplites).

This great deal lasts from 19th May to 12th June. So why not take the opportunity to get some high quality figure sets so you have something to paint if your team gets knocked out the first round!

Also check out our Greek Army deal which is running until the end of May. You get the new Greeks, a box of armoured Hoplites, shield transfers and extra archer and slinger sprues plus reduced postage worldwide, saving you around £25.