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Pre-Painted Bolt Action and Black Powder Sets Available From Warlord Games

Not everyone has time to paint their minis. As such, they like the idea of getting them either painted after they get them, or just buy models that have already been painted. Well, Warlord Games has been kicking around the idea of selling pre-painted minis for a while. They got the first batches of samples in for both Bolt Action and Black Powder. They've given their notes on how the models look, and now they're available to you.

For Black Powder, the sets include Waterloo British Infantry and Late French Line troops. The Bolt Action sets consist of a squad of British Airborn troops, a squad of US Airborn troops, and a squad of German Grenadier/Waffen SS troops. There's only a very limited number of these sets available, as they were basically meant for a "proof of concept" sort of thing.