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Pre-painted 28mm Castles, available now from Sally 4th

Sally 4th knows you want your gaming table to look great, but you don't always have time to paint up your terrain. So they've got pre-painted 28mm castles available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

Sally 4th's quest to offer gamers a comprehensive, modular, expandable castle system continues with this weeks release of pre-painted castle components. When we were started on our 28mm range, we were not at all sure about the demand for pre-painted kits, as hobbyists ourselves, we had always preferred to paint up the model kits we had brought how we liked them. However, over the year we have had many requests from customers to produce pre-painted kits, and we like to be able to offer a choice, so whenever we release a pre-painted kit, we will make an un-painted version available to.

At Sally 4th, we are gamers and hobbyists first and foremost, and try to develop products to meet our own gaming demands and try out all of our products before they are released. This has changed my point of view on the benefits of pre-painted models. In a single day, we managed to assemble the four towers, eleven wall sections, four corner walls, gateway and courtyard section that feature in these photographs. We did touch up the cut edges to match the stonework, (our Granite finish is colour matched against Foundry Granite), and of course apply grit and flock to match our wargames table. The finish on pre-painted stonework can be improved by picking out individual stones with lighter and darker tones, but out of the box it is very acceptable for gaming. This is just as well as we needed a castle to photograph for advertising copy the next day.

Over the coming months we will be making all of our existing 28mm castle components available in their current dressed stone finish and the new random stone finish as both unpainted and pre-painted kits in a Granite,Limestone, Slate, Whitewash or Sandstone colour. We also have a very, very long list of new castle components that will be released.

We are always responsive to customer requests, so if there is a particular feature that you would like added for your own project, please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.