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Pre-Orders Open For Danish Wars 1657 - 1660 Book For By Fire & Sword

I'm always amazed at the historical gaming community. The specificity that they get to with the hobby is sometimes astounding. If there's a particular army the want to use, they want it to be as accurate as possible. That means that just taking other forces and using them for a particular war simply won't do. As such, there are many very specific supplements out there. Well, a new one is about to come out for By Fire & Sword. This one will cover the Danish Wars 1657 - 1660.

From the announcement:

Danish Wars 1657-1660 is the second from the series of expansions for By Fire and Sword: Battles. Armies. Commanders.
It has 88 pages (soft cover) and includes 4 special miniatures available only with this book:
Rigsmark Anders Eriksen Bille – Danish commander-in-chief in 1657
General Jørgen Bjelke – commander of the Norwegian army from 1658
Captain Svend Poulsen – famous commander of Danish snapphanar partisans
and Generalkrigskommisarie - Danish military commissar

In addition we'll add miniature of Danish Ensign for each order placed by the 12th of April

Description of the army of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway forms the main part of the supplement. Thanks to an extensive historical introduction the readers will learn more about the Danish-Norwegian military history as well as about the causes of the conflict.

However what is most interesting for players are the new rules. We are sure that the supplement will fulfill your expectations.

The Danes and Norwegians have 6 skirmish forces, 9 regiments and 7 divisions as well as 7 historical commanders which makes them one of the most expanded armies in “By Fire and Sword”.

The book also holds additional materials for Denmark's enemies – the Swedes. These include both elite veterans of Carl X Gustav that attacked Denmark in 1657 as well as their opposite in terms of training and experience – that is the Swedish territorial defense forces.

The supplement also includes organizational structures and descriptions of forces of the anti-Swedish alliance: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (led by the famous Czarniecki's division), Brandenburg, the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands.

Here is a full list of new releases:
RUL-12 Danish Wars 1657-1660
DAN-2 Danish Skirmish set
DAN-4 Danish reiters
DAN-5 Danish infantry
AKC-44 Danish order markers
AKC-45 Danish dice
Danish wars 1657-1660 mug
SWE-5 Swedish national infantry regiment

We have also prepared for three bundles
First with all releases.
Second one will allow you to play new Danish Skirmish set in every possible configuration.
Third bundle contains "Warsaw 1656" and "Danish Wars 1657-1660" expansions.