Pre-orders of Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition have begun

Fantasy Flight Games is now taking pre-orders for the Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition.

From their website:

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition pre-orders have begun! In fact, the first batch of magnificently painted Deluxe Edition core sets is on its way to our warehouse and will be here shortly.

The Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition is a remarkable product. Filled with some of the nicest tabletop miniature quality models that you’ll find in a board game, the level of offered in the Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition is stunning and unprecedented in the industry. Each figure in the box has been painted to the same level of quality you’ll find pictured on the unit cards, throughout the scenario guide, and in the rulebook. Every model is a reproduction of Dust Studio’s high quality work.