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Pre-orders for Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Now Available

The Izou Empire is looking to eliminate all the world's ninjas. Sure, it's a pretty tall task, but they've got the resources to potentially do it. It's up to you and your other fellow ninjas to keep the Isou empire from succeeding in their goal. Granted, your "fellow ninjas" used to be your most-hated enemies as well... So, you know, there's that. "The enemy of my enemy may also be my enemy." You'll have to be careful if you want to survive. That's the story in Ninja Crusade, the 2nd edition hardcover book of which is available for pre-order now.

For those that might've missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, you can still be among the first people to get your hands on the new book. And when you do, you can create your character, learn your secret ninja skills, and run up and down walls like a pro. Will you focus on your martial arts skills? Or perhaps you'll summon spirit animals to do your bidding? Or maybe you'll create alliances with powerful Oni in order to get stronger. Whatever you do, you must survive.