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Pre-Orders For M10 Tank Destroyer Available From Warlord Games

While the Sherman might be known as "the tank" that the Allies used during WWII, it has a lot of shortfalls. For one, they'd catch fire seemingly at the drop of a hat. And they had a large profile that could be targeted. Plus, their main cannon could sometimes be less than what was needed to get through German armor. As such, the M10 was created. It fixed a lot of those problems.


The tank was put into production in 1942 and soon, dozens of these tanks were making their way to Europe. The tank had a slightly more powerful gun at 76.2mm. It also had a lower profile. However, the open top and relatively thin armor did mean it often had to be hidden and fired from protected positions. The tank was used by both the Americans and British, and you can get the tank with either style of crew from Warlord Games.