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Pre-Orders for French Chasseurs a Cheval Light Cavalry now from Warlord Games

Cavalry has always been an important part of an army. Napoleon certainly knew that, and so he made heavy use of the Chasseurs a Cheval (or mounted hunters, if you will) to scout and raid the enemy. In the days before satellites and even aircraft, you simply had to go and look for the enemy to see where they were at. And having a group of well-trained riders on very fast and light hordes was the best way to get that done. You can now bring these figures to your tabletop to aid in your much smaller battles, as Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for the plastic Chasseurs a Cheval box set.

The box set contains enough pieces to create 12 cavalry models. Warlord has taken care to make the figures easy to assemble. Each model consists of a 2-part horse, and the rider broken up into body, head, arm, and scabbard. There are also some metal pieces included to make several command figures. You can order just a single box, but Warlord is also running a 2-box "Brigade" offer, as well as a 4-box "Division" deal as well.