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Pre-orders coming Monday for Infinity 3rd edition

Corvus Belli has announced that they will be taking pre-orders for the new edition of Infinity starting on Monday.

3rd Edition


From the announcement:

Hi everyone! Next monday the pre-order of 3rd Edition Rulebook of Infinity (N3) begins! This is the pre-order info:

-Pre-order from October 13th to November 13th, both inclusive.
-All N3 books reserved during the reserve period will include the exclusive "Authorized Bounty Hunter" miniature that will never be available for retail sale. Every pre-order, at our online store or your favourite FLGS will include this exclusive miniature.
-MSRP= 59.95€
-Shipments on December 8th 2014 (Tentative date).

N3 books info:

-Full color books.
-Estimated number of pages: Background: 180 pages; Rules: 275 pages
-Binding: Soft cover. Both books are content in a case.
-Available in English or Spanish.