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Pre-Orders Being Taken For The Chicago Way From Great Escape Games

Well... I mean... I am here in Chicago (ok, Schaumberg, but that's like saying "I live in Norcross, not Atlanta"). Seems fitting to announce that Great Escape Games is now taking pre-orders for The Chicago Way, their new skirmish game based on the rough-and-tumble Chicago streets during Prohibition.

In the game, you take on the role as leader of one of the various gangs. Will you be the Mobsters? Or maybe some Moonshiners. Perhaps you'll take on the role of a group of Police Officers or Prohibition Agents and look to clean up the streets of the riffraff. The choice is yours. The rulebook contains a campaign system where your crew members can gain experience as they work their way through rivals.

The game will be released on the 16th, but you can get your pre-orders in now in the Great Escape Games webshop.