Pre-order your 1/56th scale General Early Combat Walker at Fall-In

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Oct 29th, 2011

Gears & Guts/Company B announce the pre-order of their newest model at Fall-In:

From their announcement:

The first 1/56th scale Gear Krieg combat walker kit, the US M11 Combat Walker “General Early” will be available as a pre-order at Fall-In! at the Brigade Games dealer booth. The General Early is the first in a series of Gear Krieg combat walkers and sci-fi WW2 figures and accessories that will be released for 28mm wargaming. The kit includes the combat walker, turret and weapons accessories, as well as legs for both “walking” and “driving” modes so you can model your combat walker the way you want to.

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  • Well, well, well… Another great looking new release on todays board. These are looking like a good investment for my up-coming US SoTR force.

  • Sweet, looks like Japanese Mechs are TBA. The decal and weapons sets look good. And I see already uploaded the conversion file for Nuts War without End in the resource section. Thanks. Now where did I put my credit card……

  • Marauder

    Yes these will be very useful for both sotr and nuts. I suspect there will be some upcoming weird war rules for victory decision that use these as well.


  • Saw these in person over the weekend. Very nice!

  • A dedicated Gear Krieg book based on Victory Decision is in the making, it will be in fact Gear Krieg 2nd edition if all goes well.