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Practical Magic available for Contagion Second Edition

Aegis Studios expands the supplements for Contagion: Second Edition, with the release of Practical Magic.

Practical Magic


From the release:

The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Just beneath that surface, in the shadows, rages an ancient conflict between supernatural factions who all seek dominion over the Earth and control over the souls of humanity.

Magic is real in the world of Contagion. Clergy pray to their God for miracles. Magi learn to harness magic in its purest, rawest form. Witches and Shaman use tools passed down through the ages to work their intrinsic art. Magic is a potent force in the world of Contagion. A tool used by the initiated to level the playing field in a world filled with gods and monsters. Like any tool, magic also has practical, everyday uses.

Practical Magic introduces ten new spells and two new feats designed not for fighting the war, but for dealing with daily life. That is not to say that these new spells and feats are without combat application. Far from it. Just as a screwdriver can be used to stab an opponent these “everyday” spells can certainly see use in the battlefield.

Practical Magic includes:

10 new spells for use with Contagion Second Edition including Alistair’s Alliterative Arcane Airbag, Arcane Networking, Laxative, Resist Supernatural Allergen & more
2 new item creation feats: Cure Herbs and Manufacture Pills