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Potato Pirates Card Game Now Available

To me, computers are magical machines filled with gnomes and sprites. I know basically nothing about how they work or how the program that I'm typing to you now actually operates. And, frankly, the world of programming and coding terrifies me. But that's the way the world is headed. Thankfully, there's games like Potato Pirates to help teach basics of programming in a fun, easy-to-use way. They had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and now you can pick up a copy for yourself.

From the website:

Potato Pirates is a swashbuckling game of carbs and strategy, perfect for families, educators, geeks, you name it. Learn fundamental computational thinking concepts in just a 30 minutes game - all without a computer.

Potato Pirates is designed for:
3 - 6 players
Ages 6 & up
20 to 40 minutes per round
learning computational thinking logic without being frustrated by syntax