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Postworldgames launches Protocol Game Series RPG Kickstarter

Postworldgames has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new RPG game series, Protocol.


From the campaign:

The Protocol game series is a collection of roleplaying games stripping away all pretense and getting to the heart of storytelling. Each game uses the same basic mechanics — vignettes, interrogations, interludes, and ensembles — to tell non-derivative stories. Every player has all the tools he or she needs to create interesting characters and environments for their favorite stories.

Every game stands alone. Every game shares a commonality.

Essentially what I've done with Toolcards, I am now doing with roleplaying games. Inspiration and new ideas mixed with something you already know how to do. The Protocol game series uses a simple method of shared storytelling with charts, motivations, character interaction, and plot.