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Post World Games running Kickstarter to fund 6 GM-less games

Post World Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for 6 GM-Less RPG games they've been working on.

From the campaign:

Six Games in Six Months. Right?

So here's my plan. I am writing or have written all these great games. And I want to get them out to you as fast as I can, so I can make some great stuff in 2014. So. While you're waiting for my cool new fantasy gaming world or my science fiction action extravaganza, you can be playing these short, GMless roleplaying games.

I won't lie. These games are not your standard hack and slash adventuring fare. I've designed six games that all deal with different kinds of protagonist drama and pathos.

I like playing them all. The playtesters love playing them. And I want you to experience them as well.