Post Salute releases from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have added several new packs of figures to their online store. zoave01.jpg From their announcement:
First of all a big thank you to everyone who came and saw us at Salute especially to those of you who pre-ordered. We had a great but exhausting day but there was no rest for the wicked. As soon as we got back we started shipping out the mail-order pre-orders for the myriad of codes released at Salute. Salute releases now available to mail-order include:
  • Our 26 pack range of Vikings,
  • TWDC WW1 French (Officers, NCOs, Bombers, HMG & Section pack, all available with a huge variety of new separate head options,)
  • TWDC WW1 British Section in shorts.
  • TWDC WW1 Indian Section,
  • TWDC Special Adolf & Winston,
  • 8 new packs of Polemarch Successor cavalry (Tarentines, Seleucid Cataphracts, Seleucid Agema Companions, Pergamum Companions,)
  • 3 new Successor General packs.
Also don't forget our new plastic Viking Hirdmen box set is now available 44 mulit-pose figures for £18.00. Take a look here for pictures of painted plastics, the two types of sprue contained in the box plus a great shot of a 'Three-Up' master next to the same figure made from the production sprue. Thanks again for your support at Salute