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Post Replica Tablet-Top RPG Up On Kickstarter

Rational Basis Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Post Replica a new sci-fi tablet-top RPG (no, that's not a typo). When playing Post Replica, you gather together wherever you want to do your RPG-gaming fun and then fire up your tablet or smartphone or other such device and open up the Post Replica app. that will help you play and enhance the game.

In Post Replica, players are playing as androids that are hidden amongst humanity (think Blade Runner, but not necessarily as Noir... unless you want it to be). It's not a glamorous life, since you're always living in fear of Reclaimers, human bounty hunters who are out to try and destroy androids (I told you it was like Blade Runner), and other androids called "Buzzers" who have gone insane (and actually cause humanity to feel they need to have the Reclaimers, since they're terrified that any android could become an homicidal Buzzer).


But what about this app that runs along with the game? Well, Rational Basis Media wants everyone playing Post Replica to be part of a joint universal setting. They have various maps and campaigns that will grow and evolve as you play in them. The app can help remember when an NPC was killed, or if a location is now overrun with monsters if the PCs don't manage to clear things out. They also will have guest writers and new stories set in the world. You can use these to enhance your sessions. Finally, they plan on having world-events that will happen through the app. You may get rumors of goings-on elsewhere in the world that your group may want to check out, or some sort of intrigue, or other various items to help enhance your game.

The campaign is a little more than 2/3 funded with still 31 days left to go.