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Portals and Prophets Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Many people would love to actually be able to travel to the past and see what it was like. Sure, we've got written accounts, but we all know that someone telling you about their vacation is nowhere near like experiencing it for yourself. Well, in Portals and Prophets, time-travel technology has been perfected, and now there's tours that head all around Biblical times and let people experience them first-hand. But with that, there's pressure to be the best tour guide out there. Who will come out on top and who will be left in the historical dust? The game is up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Portals and Prophets is a historical time travel game where players are traveling in a time machine attempting to be at the right place at the right time in history to experience historical events.

Setup time is less than 2 minutes and the game plays in about 45 minutes. The rules are simple enough that new gamers and children will catch on quickly, but provides strategic depth that will satisfy more hardcore gamers.

The Kickstarter is about 1/3 of the way to its goal with still 27 days on the clock (and no, time travel isn't a reality yet, so you can't go back in time if you miss out).