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Portal Publishing releases Steel Police for Neuroshima Tactics

Portal Publishing released their first expansion pack for Neuroshima Tactics: The Steel Police.

From the release:

Elite troops, heirs to the most advanced military units of the pre-war world, a heavy assault force Navy SEALS, exquisitely armed and protected by the aided armors, the Steel Police are dead set to mercillesly exterminate all who breach the law. Their law. When they challenge the local gangs, the oppressed people of the Wastes take a deep breath only to realize that their lives, traditions and order just ceased to exist. Neuronic links plugged directly into their brains make the Steel Officers the perfect soldiers – fast, strong, fearless, indestructable…inhuman. They are always tense, always buzzing with adrenaline, ready to attack at all times – and the initial relief they brought to the villagers changes rapidly into horror.

Steel Police is the first add-on set to Neuroshima Tactics - postapocalyptic skirmish wargame designed by Portal Publishing. It contains 3 Steel Policemen, Colonel Callahan and the team mascot - fierce girl nicknamed Wardog.