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Portal Issue #33 available to download

Portal has issue #33 of their magazine available to download for free from the Wamp forums.

In this issue:

This month’s issue has been a tight squeeze to get it all ready for you, but we’ve got a great selection of treats for you this month! Our cover story and article features one of the biggest names in fantasy art, Mr. Paul Bonner, as well as a very thorough step by step sculpt of one of the largest kits of recent memory!

Other articles include…
- Doing Nurgle-style freehands
- Crystal Brush report from Conrad Mynett
- Kickstarter updates
- Some interesting sneak previews of sculpts
- An in-depth interview with French sculptor/painter Christian Hardy
- A look at some old but nicely painted models!
- All the usual new releases and updates,etc.

As always Portal is COMPLETELY FREE to download for everyone