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Portal Games Announces Atlanteans Expansion for Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, is getting its first faction expansion. Players now can bring the powerful Atlanteans to the tabletop and vie for supremacy. More than just a new faction, the Atlanteans bring a whole new mechanic to the game. Technology is the name of the game for the Atlanteans. And they'll need every bit of an advantage they can get, because the tide line is rising.

While not every faction can use Technology quite the way that the Atlanteans can, every faction does get to play a little bit with it. The Atlantean expansion includes cards that go into the decks of other factions that work with or exploit this new resource. The designers wanted the Atlanteans to play much differently from the previous 4 factions. After months of playtesting, they think they have it. Technology isn't the only thing that sets the Atlanteans apart. Much like their real-world mythical counterparts, the buildings of the Atlanteans will sink into the sea at the end of the game, meaning they don't score any points for them. The clock is truly ticking for these industrious people.

The Atlanteans expands the original 1-4 players of Imperial Settlers to 1-5. It's not a stand-alone expansion, as you'll need the original base game to play. But the expansion will contain the Atlantean Faction Board, their Faction Deck, Technology Tokens, as well as cards for the other factions to put in their decks. You can check out the expansion this year at Gen Con, with full distribution to happen in August.