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Portal #32 now available

Portal Magazine has issue #32 available for your downloading and reading pleasure (for free, as always).

In this issue:

Portal 32 is here and its a cracking issue, perhaps the best ever? It certainly needs to be good to live up to last months issue that smashed all previous records and firmly showed why Portal is the number 1 digital magazine for miniature painters.

Salute Show Report and interview with the Warlords
Army Painter and Reaper reviews
Brindie Interview
Dark Messiah Bases give-away
Wyrd Miniatures and Studio McVey contest Gallery
Painting Skin Tones
Infamy Miniatures and Darklands contest Details
Interviews with Daniel Gutl (Nathelis) and Scott Hockley
'View from the Tower' article
News,Mini Radar,gallery and more