Portable Warfare shows off Tactical Orange bag

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Feb 24th, 2012

Portable Warfare reveals their limited-edition run of Tactical Orange gaming bags!

From them to you!

Portable Warfare now offers a new color for The Seregant Bag, Tactical Orange. It is bright and in your face! You’ll never lose your minatures bag in a crowd again. The Tactical Orange color is a limited production run and supplies are sure to go quickly, so ask your local game store for them or you can order it now while you still can.

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  • Tommygun

    Too bright for me personally and I drive a yellow pick-up truck.
    With the paranoia some people have, does anyone think an orange bag with a bomb and “Portable Warfare” pictured on the side will cause problems for people carrying it?”

  • jagavahn

    “Portable Warfare” pictured on the side will cause problems for people carrying it?”

    This is silly.

  • jagavahn

    Intended to quote the whole line, but my inability to do a proper “cut and paste” doesn’t make that comment and less silly.

  • Tommygun

    What made me think of this was that a gardener in my state had the police called on him because he was using a machete to clear brush on a hillside.
    Someone felt that a person using a machete might be dangerous.
    That’s like going to a butcher shop and calling the police because the butcher has a knife in his hands.
    There was a guy at work that called the bomb squad because our own work truck was making a ticking sound.
    It was a broken starter on the engine making the sound.
    People call the police without thinking.
    But maybe I’m being too paranoid now.

    • Lots of gamers use pistol cases to carry their figs in, myself included.

      As you note above, people overreact sometimes, sure. But they can overreact to anything.

      The bright orange reminds me of hunting vests, actually.

  • I recently flew across the states with a PW bag as my carry on. No problems whatsoever, and it fit under the seats of 4 Delta planes.