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Portaball - 15mm Fantasy Football - Quar Mhudd team unlocked

Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory have unlocked their Quar Mhudd team over on their Portaball 15mm fantasy sports Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We have unlocked the Quar Mhudd team! We'll start the sculpting for this now, it should only take a few weeks. To be safe, though, any pledge including a Quar team will most likely ship in February rather than January. Just in case! We'll have a living PDF of rules up by then as well in case you want to play Mhudd and not work them into your normal fantasy football shenanigans.

I'll add a couple more reward levels and should have more info soon!

“The common Mhudd Gourd grows in marshes and wetlands throughout Alwyd. In fact, anywhere standing water collects for more than a day or two, these nasty melons are sure to spring up. Once rooted, they spread like melting yut-cheese and are equally difficult to extract from the soil. The melons have no nutritional use beyond that of a near-lethal laxative. In most parts of Alwyd they are considered weeds. How it is that this useless plant became the center of our most beloved outdoor sport is lost in antiquity, but no quar will deny that it’s jolly fun to throw things at your mates. Once any game is made out of that, there’s bound to be some cadier-play and dog-piling. Considering quar nature, it’s a wonder we invented any rules.” - Byrn Lad’l, I’ll Be at the Keg