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Ponyfinder: Hidden Draft Book Now Available

Many of us know about the three main types of ponies: pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies. Some of you might also know about gem ponies and a couple other types. Well, the Hidden Draft book for Ponyfinder gives us another type: The Krava. They're ponies... or maybe not... Either way, there's plenty of new options for players and GMs to make new and unique characters to encounter during your travels. The book is available now.

About the book:

They walk among us. They are good people, but are they truly part of our herd? They would have us believe this is the case, and they give precious little reason to deny them. Unicorns with an extra horn, or earth-bound with a curiously thin and long tail. Whatever they are, they are friends.
• A new pony type: The Krava
o They are not ponies.
o Maybe
• Over a Dozen New Feats
• New Racial Spells
• A complete rundown of a tribe that has lived alongside ponykind from the very start through the end without flinching.
• Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the 5th edition of that game with dragons in it.