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Ponyfinder - Dawn of the Fifth Age Up On Kickstarter

I have a young niece. As such, when I visited my parent's place a couple weeks ago, and my sister brought her kids over (I also have a young nephew), I was exposed to various children's television shows I might not have otherwise been inclined to see. One was something about friends being magical, or somesuch. I didn't catch the full title. Anyway, while I'm not getting the series on DVD anytime soon, I did see where the appeal could come from, and where horses of all types are making their way back into the forefront of popular culture. As such, Ponyfinder, the RPG, is looking to expand to the most popular RPG system, with their Ponyfinder - Dawn of the Fifth Age Kickstarter campaign.

The Ponyfinder game has been doing rather well since its debut about 3 years ago. This campaign looks to bring the setting to the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons system. Obviously, with the non-standard classes presented in Ponyfinder, you'll also get various tweaks to the rules to make sure that they work effectively in the D&D system, such as character focuses, feats, and spells. Plus, the gear will all be made four-hoofed-character-accessible.

The Kickstarter campaign is doing rather well. They're more than 7x funded with still 31 days left on the clock.