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Polyhedron Collider posts Rocket Race Review

Polyhedron Collider sets their sights for the stars with this review of Rocket Race.

Rocket Race Card Game Review


From the article:

The year is 1898 and the only valuable piece of real estate to conquer in the name of Queen Victoria and the mighty British Empire is the moon. So it has fallen upon you, the League of Adventure, to put down your cup of tea and build a rocket to the moon. Rocket Race is a card game form Triple Ace Games where the aim of the game is to build the first rocket to the moon, the Queen herself that wave the chequered flag.

Each rocket needs at least three components; a habitation pod, a propulsion system and a steering mechanics. But it’s none of this titanium hulls and computer aided geo-satellites for you, no its diving bells, anti-gravity paint and a team of mice to build up your rocket (because mice will instinctively navigate to the nearest sauce of cheese, of course). You can also pimp out your rocket with add on such as Cushionomatic Impact Reducers, Artificial Nutrition Pills or a Clockwork Autopilot. Each one of these zany components has a reliability, to fly to the moon you simply have to be able to roll under your total reliability for your rocket on two dice. Easy.