Polyhedron Collider posts Intel Board Game Preview

Polyhedron Collider takes a look at Intel, from Ludi Creations, in this board game preview.

Intel board game preview


From the post:

The aim of Intel, or at least the four player game, is to get the opposing team’s Intel out of the Ambassador’s mansion via the helicopter you’ve just called onto the roof. To do this requires co-ordination with your team mate. The only problem is you don’t know which of the other three players your team mate is. You also don’t know where the intelligence is but if you’re struggling to find it you can win by blowing up the opposing team’s helicopter, the only problem is you also don’t know where the explosives are. The ambassador’s mansion is full of all kinds of tricks and tools to help you find this information out, the x-ray machine allows you to check what players are carrying and security cameras allow you to see what items are changing hands but the main way interact with players is with your cache of hidden weapons.