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Polyhedron Collider Interview: Mike Langlois on Fireteam Zero

Polyhedron Collider sat down and had a chat with Mike Langlois from Emergent Games about his Fireteam Zero Kickstarter campaign.

Fireteam Zero is a new cooperative board game where players are trying to fight against the horrors of not just war, but of living artifacts bent on chaos and destruction. The game mechanics are card-driven, where they're used to give support to other players, attack enemies, and are also a measure of how much health your character has. When a player takes damage, they have to discard. If they discard everything, they're out.

The interview goes into more detail about game mechanics and specifics about the campaign.


From the post:

Cthulhu and World War II is an odd mix when you think about it. The horrors of war are bad enough and then our twisted imagination decides that it’s not scary enough and that we need some otherworldly beings added to the mix. It’s a recipe that has succeeded in many genres with obvious seeds in the Hellboy comics and movies and the popularity of the Achtung! Cthulhu role playing game. Emergent Games have already had success with Fireteam Zero, a tactical miniatures game that blends Lovecraftian horror with an alternative World War II but are heading back to Kickstarter for a slightly different reason to usual so I spoke to Mike Langlois from Emergent Games about Fireteam Zero’s return.