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Polemos SPQR released today

Polemos S.P.Q.R.Baccus have released their Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules. From their announcement:
After months of sweat, turmoil, curses, floods, freezes and despair, I can finally announce to the world that Polemos SPQR has now been officially released. This is the first of the Polemos series to cover Ancient warfare and devotes itself to the period 100BC to 200AD. As most ancient wargamers seem to define by themselves by either collecting the armies of Rome or those of its many opponents it is a period that is close to many a gamer's heart. The rules themselves follow the standard Polemos format and uses randomised army generators rather than a points system and includes a couple of scenarios to get you going. No rebasing is required and you can play with any size of figure or base frontage. For more details just go to As with all of the Polemos rules, you can buy a full range of pre-packed armies and for those of you starting in the period there is a rather handy boxed starter set which includes rules, armies, bases, scenics and painting guides
For details of all these and more, just go to I'll have stocks of all of these with me at Colours this coming weekend, so please drop by to have a look! Just as we say 'Hello' to a new arrival, it's time to say 'Goodbye' to some old friends. After many, many years of excellent service the Ancient Greek range has been retired and is now no longer available. However, just as we put the old moulds out to a well-earned retirement I can announce that marching over the horizon are their brand-new replacements and these should be available in early October. If you're at Newbury over the weekend, please feel free to call round to the stand for a chat. Cheers Peter Barry