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Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules coming soon

Polemos S.P.Q.R. coverBaccus will soon be releasing their Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules. From their announcement:
I am delighted to say that the Polemos SPQR rules are now at the printers and that we are now taking advance orders. If you want to be the cool kid who gets their copy ahead of the crowd, there's a rather nifty little advance order system for you... Check out our website for more information about the rules themselves. We'll be supporting the rules with a full range of army packs, a boxed starter set and a new line of scenics. If all goes well I may have some copies for sale with me at Partizan this weekend, so it will be worth dropping by the stand the check. Staying with things Ancient, work on the rescultped Greek range is nearly completed. In anticipation of its release the existing range will be withdrawn from sale in one week's time. If you need to get those last figures to complete existing armies, then it's time to get your order in quickly.