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Polaris Six RPG Adventure Now Available

You've been signed up to be part of a small team of researchers who are going to be sent to the arctic in order to do your research, isolated away from the distractions and worries of the everyday world.
What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing! That's what! I'm sure you're entirely safe.
... Just ignore that eye-twitch I've got. It's nothing. And yes, I like to carry around a fire ax, just in case of emergencies.

Polaris Six is a new one-shot RPG adventure for the Epoch RPG system. Players will be having to survive the harsh winter in a cut-off research station. Of course, they're not giving away too many details. That would spoil the fun.

However, your fun can turn into help for others, as this is a "pay what you want" product and all the proceeds that are raised are going to UNICEF. Gaming for a good cause! Gotta love it!