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Polaris RPG Up On Kickstarter

Well, we've gone and done it. We've caused the fall of civilization again. Damnit, Carl! I told you not to push that button! Now the entire surface of the Earth is inhospitable. Our only hope is to make a new life for ourselves under da sea. *once again ducks all the things now being thrown at me*
Thankfully, we're in the far future where sprawling undersea colonies have been created. However, just because we're all under the waves doesn't mean all of humanity is getting along. So there's plenty of opportunity of adventure and excitement in the depths. That's the story behind Polaris, which is up on Kickstarter now.

The system for Polaris is its own. It reminds me a bit of the system from Infinity, actually (unless it's changed in the newer editions. It's been a while since I looked at the game). It's a D20 system, but you want to roll under your target number. However, you don't want to roll too far under it, as the closer you get to your target number, the more chances there are for special, critical effects. The character creation rules are also left fairly open, letting you create veteran sea dogs, or new salts out for their first voyage, and everything in-between. Choose mutations to enhance your abilities or add character through hindrances. Grab your gear and get ready to set sail.

The campaign is already over its funding goal. And so it's on to stretch goals for the next 20 days.

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