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Poison Dragon Eyeing Arcadia Quest Kickstarter

Well, it seems people were excited about the Whole Lotta Lava expansion box for the Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter campaign. New backers and extra pledges coming in bumped the campaign up and over the $1mil. mark. What does that mean? Well, it means there needs to be new stretch goals to bust down. *sniffsniff* I hope that's just almonds I smell... as the new Poison Dragon looks to make its way to the campaign.

The box is much like the other dragons that have been released for the game. You place them at the end of a standard Arcadia Quest (or Inferno) campaign as sort of a "final boss" to the whole thing. There's new gear and quests involved in taking out the dragon, too. Plus, new tiles on which to fight him.
As for it being unlocked, it's sort of like the sins from The Others campaign. That is to say it's done in three parts. First you get the mini and some cards, then you get the game tile and tokens, and finally there's the dragon cards and box.

The dragon's a Kickstarter exclusive to the campaign, so if you want it, you'd better pledge. There's still 5 days to go in the campaign.