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Poison Bottles Card Game Up On Kickstarter

There are plenty of classic card games out there. These games have been around for hundreds of years. But with the gaming revolution going on, sometimes people want just a little more out of their card games. That's where things like Poison Bottles comes in. It takes certain elements from various classic card games and adds some new twists to create a new classic. The game's up now on Kickstarter.

The game uses memory, trick-taking, and bluffing elements into play as you look to get the lowest score of cards in front of you. The game round has two phases. The first is a trick-taking phase. The winner of that phase gets to fiddle with the cards laid out (face down) in front of their opponents, while the opponents can only mess with their own cards. Things get a little crazy when the poison comes out, though, as it can reverse the rules for taking a trick, or alter your totals for cards in front of you.

As I mentioned, the game's up on Kickstarter. They've already passed their funding goal and are reaching towards 2x funded with still 19 days to go.