Podhammer interviews Alessio Cavatore

The Podhammer podcast has posted a new featuring an interview with Alessio Cavatore.

From their website:

Former GW designer Alessio Cavatore makes an appearance on Podhammer to chat about his time at GW and his new project Shurro

From the Podhammer site:
“There have been many highlights in Podhammer’s 3 year history. This episode may be at the top of the list. I am pleased to present episode 67, an interview with famous (or is that infamous?) games designer Alessio Cavatore. If you don’t know who this is, flip to the front of just about every Warhammer/40k/LOTR book written in the last 10 years. Many of them will have his name written there.

Alessio Cavatore has shaped the face of our game for the last decade. He took the time to chat with us about his time with GW and what he is currently working on.

Kendall and I sound like absolute fanbois who are too nervous to put a complete sentence together, but it was still an incredible experience and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making it.
Make sure you check out Alessio’s current project Shurro at River Horse”