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Podcast/Vidcast Roundup

It's time once more for another Podcast/Vidcast Roundup. Here's the shows that've been released this past week:

-Removed From Play episode 27
-The Board Game Show The Life & Times of Richard Weed
-Gamers on Games Episode 236 : 1000+ Subscribers! (and giveaway information)
-Lost Hemisphere Radio ep104: Circular
-Adeptus Infernus Episode 010

Episode 27 of Removed From Play: Season 2

GamerMats Template - 150 DPI

We discuss the Steamroller Omnus just ran at Mox Boarding House and talk more on Bloodrath’s current Khador project.

The Board Game Show The Life & Times of Richard Weed


In episode 17 of The Board Game Show podcast, Scott Bogen talks about his day-long suspension from Boardgamegeek and the role of Richard Weed in our lives. Also, Scott reviews one his favorite new games, Among The Stars. The guys also play the card game, Larceny: Plan The Perfect Heist over beer and cocktails (and it sounds like it). And in our Warfare segment, Scott and Kevin of The Big Board discuss war gaming with miniatures. All this and more! Let’s begin now, shall we?

Gamers on Games Episode 236 : 1000+ Subscribers! (and giveaway information)

Gamers on Games' odometer has rolled over! Means it is time for a giveaway! Watch for details!

Lost Hemisphere Radio ep104: Circular


Round and round we go, it's time for the Losties to take a closer look at the Circle Oboros as they continue their series on Hordes factions in a post-Exigence world. Northblade and Gdaybloke bring on a guest who actually knows what they're talking about to discuss the newer Circle releases, and also probe for tips for newer players looking to get into the faction and expand beyond the battlebox.

Adeptus Infernus Episode 010

adeptus infernus

In this episode John and Greg continue the talk on Blood Angels and other gaming news. Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Forge World dreadnoughts, Raging Heroes, Privateer Press and more.