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Podcast Roundup

Here to get you through another week are the podcasts and vidcasts that we think you might like to listen to.

This week we have: Gamers on Games Episode 270 : Gameplay Overview of Terminus Gate, Gamers Behaving Badly episodes 7 and 8, the first episode of a new Mantic video series (this episode's about DreadBall),

Gamers on Games Episode 270 : Gameplay Overview of Terminus Gate

This is an overview of the gameplay of Terminus Gate. We encourage you to check out their Kickstarter page

Gamers Behaving Badly Episode 7

Having recovered from the initial and rather brutal attack of the hill giants, our heroes have ventured inside the lair of the same. Utilizing a rather surprising and unexpected combination of stealth, force and cooperation, the party has made their way deep into the complex. Now, near the throne room of the hill giant chief, they proceed with caution, but danger lurks in the darkness ahead…

Gamers Behaving Badly

Gamers Behaving Badly Episode 8

The heroes proceeded to finish their assault on the hill giant lair, finally coming upon the chief and his royal guard. A vicious battle ensued, with only the chief remaining. Our brave, but exhausted heroes close in for the kill…

Be a part of the RPG comedy series that has become much more popular than its creator thought it would be!

New Mantic Video Series: Ronnie and Luke Talk....

Check out the first episode of the new Mantic video series.

In this episode Ronnie and Luke talk about DreadBall Season 4, whats new and why its so great!