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Podcast Roundup

It's time again to collect all the podcasts and vidcasts from the past week into one place for you.

This week we've got: Geeks of the North episode 10, d-Infinity Live Series 4, episode 4, Gamers Lounge ep. 102 – Deadzone, Adeptus Infernus Episode 013,

Geeks of the North Episode 10 - Interview with a Game Store Owner


Hello Geeks!

First show of 2015: happy new year everyone! This episode follow our usual format, so hobby, events, fan mail and news, followed by our main topic, an interview with Dan the Mooseman, owner of the local store Gamers' Vault.

Happy listening!

d-Infinity Live Series 4, episode 4

This week d-Infinity co-hosts William T. Thrasher, Brendan Cass, Michael O. Varhola, and Clint Staples gets their hands dirty with field work! From researching for a campaign in the field to location scouting for live-action roleplay to representing field work in investigative games, we're getting mud on our boots and dust in our eyes!
Highlights of this episode include accounts about the practical value of crewing a Viking longship, adventures in the Aegean, and exploring the Paris catacombs, along with useful advice on how to get the most out of your own fieldwork.

Gamers Lounge ep. 102 – Deadzone


We open episode 102 with a new segment that was mentioned at the end of 2014, The Family Gaming Segment. Bill is joined by Mrs. Gamers Lounge and their daughters to discuss a before and after during one of their game nights. In this segment we open with Zombicide and our current mission.

Following that we return to “Normal” Gamers Lounge with a long review and game report on Deadzone. John, Kevin, and Bill discuss a recent game of Deadzone along with their thoughts on the game and the game factions.

Adeptus Infernus Episode 013


In this episode the guys are getting Adepticon fever as they over the vendors you'll see at Adepticon 2015. Followed up up by some new and rumors regarding Necrons and Harlequins. Forge World, game reboots, armies we would like to see added to 40K and more.

Available on itunes and Stitcher