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Podcast Roundup

Monday's gone.
Now we've got ourselves elbow-deep into Tuesday. I know a lot of people that will be headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East. Well, along the way, you could listen to some gaming podcasts. Good thing we've got them all together in our Podcast Roundup.

Today we have: Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 21: Tom Williams, Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 71- The Prodigals Club and Wisdom Check 3, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 169 – Horizon Wars, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 51 Player or Hobbyist, Tales of Malifaux 28, The Hub Systems Episode 18 - Adepticon & Polyversal, From the Hip talks up the inaugural Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, Irregular Magazine Salute 2016 Videos, and News of the North – 2016-04-19.

Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 21: Tom Williams

Ice Cream For Everyon

I had learned about the murder mystery treasure hunt events organised by A Door in a Wall since before leaving London in 2011 and stayed signed on to their email newsletter so even while living in Asia I vaguely followed the events going on and am still looking forward to participating to one of them.

The live gaming events have been attracting a loyal following of participants, enough for Tom Williams to make this a full time activity and recently the first regular monthly event, called A Veiled Threat.

I met with Tom in London and we had a great conversation about his background and inspiration for the game events he creates for A Door in a Wall. We also talk about arts, Warhammer miniature games, Escape rooms and more. There are a few odd noises in this recording, sorry about that. I hope you still enjoy!

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 71- The Prodigals Club and Wisdom Check 3


During this weeks episode:
1) The Pegs discuss a few of their recent plays including Star Wars: Rebellion, Notre Dame, Winter Tales, and Christina’s most recent kickstarter find;
2) All the Pegs review CGE’s action selection game, The Prodigals Club; and
3) Share some board game trivia about game deaths, GenCon, and more, in their Third Wisdom Check.

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 169 – Horizon Wars


In this episode, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs, Mike Whitaker & Dave Luff discuss what they’ve been doing Hobby-wise for the past couple of weeks and once again cast their eye over some of the latest hobby news.

Our main feature in this show is an interview with Robey Jenkins, author of the new sci-fi battle rules from Osprey Publishing: Horizon Wars. We discuss the origin and design of the rules, and talk in-depth about the rules mechanics and how the game works..

Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 51 Player or Hobbyist


This week Roy and Matt talk about being a board game Player Vs being a hobbyist, Casual gaming, & Bringing people in to the hobby. we also take some questions from our listeners!

Tales of Malifaux 28


Tales of Malifaux #28 is now available, featuring the story Puzzle Box!

The Hub Systems Episode 18 - Adepticon & Polyversal

Hub Systems

So after our last episode, we were contacted by Byron collins of the Polyversal system, and we invited him onto the show to talk more in depth about the system, and what's happening next with it. I also catch up with matt, Josh and Phil after last weekends Adepticon...Enjoy!

From the Hip talks up the inaugural Connecticut Festival of Indie Games

From the Hip

The FtH Podcast welcomes special guest Jason Miceli of Geek Fever Games and organizer of the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games. Listen in as we discuss all things gaming!

Irregular Magazine Salute 2016 Videos


Our intrepid editor and lead staff writer Alex attended Salute this year, armed with a video camera. We managed film several interviews with industry insiders. This is a new area for Irregular Magazine and we plan to expand this new venture as we move forward. Our aim is to film product unboxings, event coverage, interviews and tutorials.

News of the North – 2016-04-19


The April 12th, 2016 edition of News of the North is live. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

This week we talk about Games Workshop, Oathsworn miniatures, Mantic Games, Warlord Games, Zombiesmith Miniatures, CoolMiniOrNot, Soda Pop Miniatures, Aradia Miniatures, Pulp Figures, Iron Golem and THMiniatures.