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Podcast Roundup

It's Tuesday, so that means another look at what Podcasts and Vidcasts have been posted up in the last week.

This time around we've got: Game Classy 79: “Werner Hertzog’s Warhammer 9th Edition”, the usual round from Hand Cannon Online (including ep39 of Forgot to Feat, ep5 of Murder of Crows, and ep2 of Removed From Play Prime), Episode 74 of the Shiny Model Syndrome Podcast, Adeptus Infernus 012, Lost Hemisphere Radio ep106, Gamers Behaving Badly releases Episode 6: "Worst to First", and Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast episode 24.

Game Classy 79: “Werner Hertzog’s Warhammer 9th Edition”


The boys break down the 9th edition rumors, and have a grand ole time. The two also break open Joe’s Wrath of King Kickstarter goodies and talk about the Conan Kickstarter from Monolith. All this and German Existentialism!

Hand Cannon Online's Latest Posts


Episode 74 of the Shiny Model Syndrome Podcast


Welcome back! This week we do our (now) annual Best of 2014 March Madness Smackdown Showdown apalooza! We pit what we think are the best models of 2014 against eachother and see who comes out the victor. Enjoy!

Adeptus Inferus 012

Adeptus Infernus

A bit a late but John, Dave and Greg are back with some 40K talk. Forge World, Imperial Fists, Chaos Possessed Dreadnought, Chaos Cult Terminators and more.

Lost Hemisphere Radio ep106


First episode of 2015 and it’s about Legion?? Who plans these things?? Northblade and Gdaybloke are getting excited About the impending Templecon, but have taken some time away from painting and dragged a guest along to talk Blighted stuff. How many spines *are* there on a Carnivean? What will you use your Blight Wasps for? Tune in to hear Gdaybloke be completely dumbfounded talking to two guys who actually know the faction.

Gamers Behaving Badly releases Episode 6: "Worst to First"


Only three episodes left in this season!

The heroes were in search of a band of giants in league with the fiendish wizard Ghramm’Pahzz. Having discovered two hill giant sentries, Whizbandius the wizard-thief of the group attempts to recon past them, after being volun-told to undertake the task. She soon discovers that the giants are asleep, and signals her companions forward. But a questionable (or some might call “lame”) call made by Earl has the giants waking up and about to strike.

Shut Up and Sit Down podcast episode 24

Podcast 24

Oho! What's this? Board gaming's most excitable hour of chatter is back, and live in our podcast section!

Matt and Quinns begin by discussing everything they played and saw over the New Year, including a visit to London's first board game cafe. After that, this one's all about crap houses. The boys discuss the terrible property investments they made in Last Will and the Getting Sacked expansion, Matt makes fun of Quintin's horrible estate in Castles of Mad King Ludwig, before finally the boys discuss how being tall makes it harder to build pagodas in Pagoda.

Finally the boys talk about Dead Body, a game sent in by reader Joe Faustine that would work best in a real-life spooky house.

Do you have a folk game you'd like us to discuss on the next podcast? Please, drop it to the email address at the bottom of the site!