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Podcast Roundup

Hey kids. It's Tuesday once again here and that means it's time for another Podcast Roundup.
It would seem a lot of podcasters are back in action in the new year, so without further ado...

Today's episodes include: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 36: Gamelyn Games, Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Ep: 162: Review of 2015, Blue Peg Pink Peg Ep: 64: Tail Feathers & 2016 Predictions/Resolutions, Tales of Malifaux 21, Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Enter the Adventure Zone, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 2, In The Garage Podcast Episode 3, and News of the North – 2016-01-12.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 36: Gamelyn Games

This Week we talk to Michael Coe all about Gamelyn games and there new kickstarter Tiny Epic West!

What have we been playing? X-Com, Deception: Murder at Hong Kong, Star Wars Carcassonne, & Tiny Epic Western.

Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Ep: 162: Review of 2015


In this show, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs and Mike Whitaker look back at 2015 and choose the top five games that they have played during the year.

We then look forward to 2016, discuss some of our plans, and what we are looking forward to

We hope you enjoy the show

Blue Peg Pink Peg Ep: 64: Tail Feathers & 2016 Predictions/Resolutions


During this weeks episode:

1) All the Pegs review their recent game plays and gaming news, including discussion of Lifeboat, Wonky, Pirate Den, Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo, Time Stories, Star Trek: Five Year Mission, Foretold: Rise of a God and more;

2) All the Pegs review Plaid Hat Game’s flight based combat game, Tail Feathers; and

3) Provide their 2016 gaming resolutions and predictions.

Tales of Malifaux 21

Breachside Podcast

Tales of Malifaux 21 continues Twisting Fates with Bearing the Burden and the first of the Avatar stories! Come have a listen!

Dungeons & Dragons Podcast: Enter the Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone

Dungeon Master for The Adventure Zone podcast, Griffin McElroy shares his D&D origin story, and professes his love of fifth edition.

Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 2

Man Battlestations

For Episode 2, Greg and Andy take another look at the Naval Miniature Game market and talk about Class “B” games. After that, it’s the first MBS Podcast Game Review! Greg and Andy take a look at Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games.

In The Garage Podcast Episode 3

In the Garage

Our newest episode of In The Garage is out now! Check it out and let us know what you think!

We talk about 15mm news, an in-depth review and overview of This Is Not A Test by World’s End Publishing and we wax-poetic about becoming a better painter.

News of the North – 2016-01-12


Hello geeks,

Welcome to the January 12th, 2016 edition of News of the North. Happy New Year! This show is a bit light, as there are a lot of interesting previews right now, but not that many releases. We still got some gems for you.