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Podcast Roundup

The first full week back in the office of the new year continues on. Monday wasn't too bad. At least for me. I'm hoping your day wasn't bad, either.

Something to help get through the rest of the work week might be some podcast. And we've got them all rounded up for you here.

Today's shows include: Game Classy 104: Steve’s Mea Culpa, Epic Gaming Night Popcast Ep 35: 2015 & Beyond, and Adeptus Infernus 028.

Game Classy 104: Steve’s Mea Culpa

Steve’s mad at J.J. Abrams. The boys also talk about Blood Bowl, the new 3d terrain kickstarter and the return of Changeling.

Epic Gaming Night Popcast Ep 35: 2015 & Beyond


This week we talk about out top 10 of 2015! and what is to come in 2016! Thanx for all the amazing support!

What have we been playing? (Codenames, party games, Ashes!)

What was our favorite gaming moment in 2015?

Games we failed to play...

Our top 10 games from 2015!

10 Champions of Midgard
9 Arena of the Planeswalkers
8 The grizzled
7 X-com
6 Forbidden Stars
5 Ashes
4 Codenames
3 Specter ops
2 Time stories
1 Blood Rage

What are we most excited for in 2016?

Last year's resolutions?

Do you have any 2016 gaming resolutions?

Adeptus Infernus 028


In this episode we discuss some of the bundle offerings from Games Workshop, some of the news coming out of the GW birthday celebration at Warhammer World and close out with talk on some recent games played.