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Podcast Roundup

So, like last week, this is a short one for me. So, a way, it's Tuesday (being the 2nd day of the work week). In a way, it's Wednesday (being the middle day of the work week). In another way, it's Thursday (the penultimate day of the work week). Though considering we have a Podcast Roundup, it's more ways Tuesday than it is either Wednesday or Thursday.

As for that Podcast Roundup, much like yesterday's Terrain Corner, we've only got one story in the pack. It seems that along with the gaming companies, the podcasters are taking a bit of a break as well during these couple weeks. It's alright. I certainly can't blame them.

The one podcast we've got for today is Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 34 Drama.


This week we talk about false ratings on Pandemic Legacy and Asmodee North America.

What we have been playing
7 Wonders Dual (Fun 2 player Drafting Civ Game)
Marvel Legendary Secret Wars - Volume 2 (New Characters & Mechanics. playing full Co-Op)
Escape The cures of the Temple (Real time co-op and promo quests)

people Rating Pandemic Legacy a 1 to try and slow its climb up the BGG rankings. (don't rate games you haven't played out of spite)
We talk Asmodee North America
Distributor changes
Specialty Stores
Limiting online sales
Ending Deep discounts?

Games are awesome! Be awesome!
Question from Nick
Do you change your play style when playing with non-gamers?