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Podcast Roundup

It's Tuesday again (I can tell because I'm in my Tuesday shirt) and that means another Podcast Roundup.

So what've we got for you this week?

Well, there's the usual releases from Hand Cannon Online, including Removed From Play, Murder of Crows, and the Scrumcast. Also, we've got the return of The Shiny Model Syndrome, with episode 73. There's a new podcast in the form of Guild Ball Tonight. We also have a new vidcast from Gamers on Games. We wrap it all up with Gamers Behaving Badly episode 5.

Hand Cannon Online's recent podcasts


Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 73


Aaaaaaaaaand we're back! Thanks for tuning in once again to us. This week we mainly go over everything we've missed, and what we've managed to get accomplished during our lil' vacation. Enjoy!

Guild Ball Tonight

Guild Ball tonight

Introducing Guild Ball Tonight - The Guild Ball podcast by the fans for the fans. Join veteran podcasters Phil Bowen (Gamepunting) and Bill Anderson (Gamers Lounge) as they share news, information, and conversation about Steamforged Games' soon-to-be-released and much-anticipated new game Guild Ball. You can find the show (and join the conversation) at or find the show on iTunes.

Gamers on Games Episode 249

Matt from Through Gamer Goggles shares his experiences putting together the Regult Recon Pod from ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS!

"Gamers Behaving Badly" has released Episode 5 - "Death Comes to Call."

Gamers Behaving Badly

Having defeated the fiendish wizard Ghramm’Pahzz, our heroes have learned that he was in league with a tribe of giants living higher in the hills. Whether in pursuit of further glory, adventure, treasure, or because they have nothing else to do on a Friday night, the party has pushed on toward the lair of the giants intent on defeating them to the last…

Show Info: 'Gamers Behaving Badly' is a scripted audio comedy series about the exploits of a group of tabletop role-players as they undertake a new adventure. The first season has 8 episodes, four of which have been released. The show has been well received, with listenership placing it in the Top 10 for RPG podcasts. Or so we like to tell ourselves.