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Podcast Roundup

The busy Monday has calmed down into a bit more of a relaxed Tuesday. I'm happy about that, since while being busy keeps time moving on quickly through the day, even a "good busy" can easily turn into just "hectic" if too much starts getting piled on top. Thankfully, that never really occurred.

But since it is Tuesday, that means it's time for a Podcast Roundup.

In this week's group we've got: The Main Action Episode 3: First Fives and Tales of Malifaux 15.

The Main Action Episode 3: First Fives

The Main Action

We get into a heated argument over Golden Veil and talk about your First Five versus the different phoenixborn.

Tales of Malifaux 15


Tales of Malifaux #15 is here! In this episode, we have Arcanists and Neverborn for your listening pleasure.