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Podcast Roundup

It's time again for another Podcast Roundup.

This one sees the first for-purchase episode of Removed From Play as they go to a subscription format (note: the half-dozen or so other podcast they have on Hand Cannon Online are still free). We've got Geeks of the North episode 9. There's some ramblings from the Game Classy crew. There's some Adeptus Infernus in there. There's our own Enrico Nardini guest-starring on d-Infinity Live! And round it off with Gamers Behaving Badly episode 4.

Removed From Play Season 2 episode 30

GamerMats Template - 150 DPI

In the final episode of Season 2, we are joined by Goris and Mercykiller for a very important announcement and a longer than usual episode. It is over 2 hours.

Geeks of the North Episode 9


Hello Geeks! For the last show of 2014, we’re having the whole family to discuss what we liked about the year, from miniatures, books to events and more!

Game Classy 78: Sexy Anime Pictures


The boys give their year-end roundup this week including their winners and losers of 2014. They also talk about AvP kickstarter drama, The New Terminator game, Monolith’s Conan, and Hobbitses. All this and talk about the new wave of D&D coming in the spring.

Adeptus Infernus Episode 011

Adeptus Infernus II

This week the guys, and by that we mean John, brings you 40K news and rumors from over the holidays. Forge World dreadnoughts,bundles, Imperial Fists, Harlequins, Gaunt's Ghosts, supplements, the Mechanicus and more!

d-Inifinity Live! Series 4 Episode 1

d-Infinity Live

The new year is upon us, so it's time once again to start all over for the first time. Join "d-Infinity Live!" co-hosts William T. Thrasher and Michael O. Varhola and special guests Chris Van Deelen (Wisdom from the Wastelands) and Enrico Nardini (Associate Editor, Tabletop Gaming News) as we look back on the last year and look forward to new projects, games, and adventures in 2015.
Highlights of this episode include notable holiday gifts, including a 30-year old castle model; some thoughts on the varying philosophies behind Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop products; and sneak peeks at what is coming up from the show participants and their various organizations.

Table Tales releases 'Gamers Behaving Badly' - Episode 4 - "Breaking the Looking Glass"


Having done absolutely nothing to advance the adventure in the last session, our intrepid players are now determined to actually play this time around. With their new holy man slash Troubadour in tow, the party has fought their way through the Hobgoblin bandits and discovered the lair of the fiendish wizard Ghramm’Pahzz. Having battled hard through the many tricks, traps and troops, the party prepares to face down the evil wizard…