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Podcast Roundup

My Monday went by really quickly. I'm hoping yours did, too. Mondays don't tend to be the best, but if they at least end fast, it's like ripping off a band-aid fast.

Thankfully, Tuesdays don't have such a stigma about them. They also have our Podcast Roundup.

Today's group includes: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 19 Reviews & Media with Mark Streed, Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #33: Paints, Knocks and Christian Petersen, and Tales of Malifaux 13.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 19 Reviews & Media with Mark Streed


We talk with mark about board game reviwes and media! and also how he hooked up with the dicetower!

and talk what we have been playing! (posthuman, Race for the galaxy, Rhino Hero, & Cunning folk)

Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #33: Paints, Knocks, and Christian Petersen


Market research tells us that the median SU&SD reader is, at a given moment, most likely to be thatching their mead hall. How boring! You'd best pop our 33rd ever podcast on in the background.

Matt and Quinns are desperate to talk about their crippling Infinity habit, while Paul's been playing the beloved game of Battlecon. We've got a quick interview with Fantasy Flight CEO Christian Petersen where he answers such lovely questions as "What happens to board games that don't sell" and "What is the most stressful thing about your job". And we receive an email from Brooklyn-based SU&SD fan Nate Kushner titled The Sad Room.

The fun never stops! The thatching shouldn't either, though. Chop chop.

Tales of Malifaux 13


Tales of Malifaux, Wyrd's all narrative podcast, has released its thirteenth episode for download. The episode features two stories from The Rising Powers book.